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Stay in Yuh Lane

This original composition for a tenor steelpan requires 2 performers to play on 1 steelpan simultaneously. The excitement happens as each player plays their own unique melody while trying to keep their hands from colliding with the other player…..hence the title “Stay In Yuh Lane”.


Stay in Yuh Lane music video

Storytime✏️📖: There I was about to perform at my recital when suddenly…this happened

Year for Love music video

(Steelpan and Saxophone Cover) by Khion “Khadence” De Las and Daniel “Dmin11” Ryan

Tango Indeciso | Sight & Sound

Tango Indeciso – original composition for Tenor Steelpan & Snare Drum by Khadence.

About Khadence

Khion “Khadence” De Las

Musician – Pannist, Multi-Instrumentalist

Composer – Score writer, Producer, Songwriter

Arranger– Arrangements, Transcriptions


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